OdyseaCo - Oahu Mesh Beach Bag - Large Beach Tote Bag w/ Zipper and Multiple Pockets

  • $29.95

Stylish, practical, and secure the Oahu large mesh beach bag features 7 external pockets and 1 internal zipper pocket. Whether you are at the beach or the pool the waterproof base layer prevents water from coming through the bottom of the tote pool bag. Heavy duty durable mesh keeps the beach tote bag secure with room for several towels and all your beach accessories. Drop in all of your beach vacation accessories or just what you need for a day at the pool. Pack everything you need for the family into one bag and avoid multiple trips back and forth to the car. Not all beach bags and totes are made with this level of form and function. This extra large beach bag is not only a cute tote bag for women it is perfect for family outings and all your beach gear. So if you are having difficulty getting all of your beach accessories in one comfortable beach tote bag the Oahu Large Mesh Beach Tote Bag is for you. Get yours now and enjoy:

  • Extra large mesh beach bag tote - It's HUGE!
  • Strong heavy duty mesh with thick carry handles and a padded shoulder strap
  • Zippered top closure for added security
  • Seven external pockets and one internal waterproof pocket for efficient bag packing and valuables protection
  • A water resistant base stops dampness coming through the beach tote bag
  • A carabiner clip for the safe location of car keys and other beach accessories
  • Easy packing for beach vacations or just an afternoon at the pool
    • 29" wide
    • FITS ALL OF YOUR STUFF | Extra large mesh beach bag with 7 external pockets and 1 internal zippered pocket. This tote bag with pockets can fit everything.
    • PREVENTS WATER DAMAGE | Waterproof base layer ensures no water at the beach or at the pool will come through the bag
    • CUTE AND PRACTICAL | Cute and practical beach bag for women or men
    • KEEPS IMPORTANT ITEMS SAFE | Secure internal zipper pocket keeps keys, phones, and beach accessories dry and safe while fixed caribiner hook makes for easy access
    • COLLAPSIBLE, EASY STORAGE | Large beach tote bag but simple to fold down for easy storage after the beach or pool